Here, the front desk clerk won´t be a pain in the neck.

Introducing Mates Residence - brand new accommodation for students just like you. There are no annoying front desk staff or the grown-ups. There will be nobody to chase away your visitors or nagging you to clean your room. No one will force you to go to bed when it´s past bedtime.

Here you are the master of your own space-time continuum.

Mates Residence was remodelled in the Summer of 2015 so you are certain to move in a clean housing. Say goodbye to mold and lice at your old dormitory. Here you can live with comfort.

Who are we looking for?

Easy-going students who can use the many amenities available (garden, grill, table football and many sociable roommates). There is no place for teacher’s pets who are bothered by the slightest noise. However, we aren’t looking for unleashed party animals who only throw up and destroy all around them.